100 Cat Names List

Cat Names

Looking for cat name inspiration on the internet? Perhaps you have just adopted a new cat friend, or maybe you are just dreaming of the arrival of that new furry member of the family and you enjoy choosing from the more than 100 cat names that we propose below.

We offer you great name suggestions for the name of your long-awaited new friend. Many cats already have a name assigned at the shelter or rescue. Sometimes the cat has been attached to that name and it looks good on her, but other times you get to think of your own unique name for your wonderful new kitty. Most of us think a lot about naming our new puppy because it is important to feel the new member closer to the family.

We realize that our cat’s name will speak volumes about our own personality, perceptions, or sense of humor, but most of all, we want our cat to have an amazing name that fits his unique appearance, spirit, and personality.

Your cat’s name is a great way to provide information about yourself to your guests.

Some people choose their favorite singer or actor, the name of a literary character, or a character from a television show that they like. Some people like to give their cats people names like Sarah or Tom. Some people like classic cat names. There are also people who prefer to call their pets after their favorite food, tacos, pizza, any option can be funny. You can name your cat after a place like Paris or a drink like vodka. You can give your dog a real name or a title like King Nibblers or Tuna Admirer. It’s so much fun to get creative when choosing names for our new family member. I think it’s good to always choose a name that makes you and your cat feel good.

List of 100 Cat Name Ideas

Position Name
1 Lucy
2 Tigger
3 Cloe
4 Simba
5 Max
6 Kitty
7 Jasper
8 Shadow
9 George
10 Shophie
11 Stella
12 Lily
13 Smokie
14 Dexter
15 Simon
16 Henry
17 Rocky
18 Daisy
19 Mia
20 Millow
21 Princess
22 Jack
23 Peanut
24 Toby
25 Baby
26 Missy
27 Midnight
28 Milo
29 Sasha
30 Pumpkin
31 Lucky
32 Zoey
33 Boo
34 Ruby
35 Lulu
36 Izzy
37 Sasha
38 Jasmine
39 Cookie
40 Tom
41 Murphy
42 Jackson
43 Tommy
44 Thomas
45 Garfield
46 Belle
47 Maverick
48 Walter
49 Maggie
50 Felix
51 Dexter
52 Minnie
53 Muffin
54 Sugar
55 Cupcake
56 Mickey
57 Louis
58 Emma
59 Alice
60 Annie
61 Layla
62 Charlotte
63 Pearl
64 Rusty
65 Alaska
66 Biscuit
67 Bunny
68 Peaches
69 Honey
70 Cappuccino
71 Chanel
72 Noodle
73 Mimi
74 Ginger
75 Gracie
76 Sox
77 Jake
78 Poppy
79 Harry
80 Tobby
81 Betty
82 Jess
83 Alfie
84 Coco
85 Snowy
86 Meg
87 Maisy
88 Tilly
89 Billy
90 Bonnie
91 Nala
92 Niki
93 Loki
94 Boots
95 Snickers
96 Socks
97 Isabella
98 Lulu
99 Duke
100 Tiny

What has inspired you in the past when naming your cat?