Scottish Straight


The Scottish Straight and the Scottish Fold have the same origin and are born in the same litters. The only thing that differentiates both races are the ears:


Breed Origin:
Life Span:
15 - 20+ years
Average Weight:
8 - 12 lbs
Hair quantity:
General health:

Origin and History

The Scottish Straight, like the Scottish Fold, originates from Scotland. The breed’s history begins with the discovery of a cat named Susie, who had unique folded ears, on a farm in Scotland in the 1960s. When Susie had kittens, some inherited her folded ears, and others did not. The kittens with straight ears were initially seen as a byproduct of the breeding process to produce Scottish Folds. However, these straight-eared kittens possessed the same delightful personality traits and physical beauty, apart from the ear difference. Recognizing their appeal, breeders began to develop the Scottish Straight as a breed in its own right.

Physical Characteristics

Scottish Straights have a medium to large body, with a rounded appearance and big, expressive eyes that give them a sweet, open expression. Their most distinguishing feature is their straight, upright ears, in contrast to the folded ears of the Scottish Fold breed. They have a short, dense coat that can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Their round face, coupled with their large eyes and straight ears, gives them an alert and curious look.

Personality and Temperament

Scottish Straights are known for their gentle, affectionate nature. They are very social and enjoy being around their human companions, often following them from room to room. They are adaptable and can thrive in various living environments, including both quiet homes and active households with children and other pets. Scottish Straights are playful and enjoy interactive toys that stimulate their hunting instincts. Despite their playful side, they also appreciate quiet time and enjoy cuddling up with their owners.

Care and Health

Scottish Straights are generally healthy, but, like all breeds, they can be prone to certain health issues. It’s important to maintain regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, and provide them with regular exercise to keep them healthy. Their coat is relatively easy to care for, requiring only occasional grooming to keep it looking its best. Ensuring they have a stimulating environment with plenty of toys and opportunities for play can help keep them mentally and physically fit.

Living with a Scottish Straight

Living with a Scottish Straight can be a delightful experience. They make excellent companions due to their friendly and loving nature. They fit well into families with children and are known to get along with other pets, making them a great addition to almost any home. Their social and adaptable nature means they can thrive in both active and quiet environments, as long as they receive plenty of love and attention. For those looking for a loyal, affectionate, and engaging feline friend, the Scottish Straight is an excellent choice.

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