Khao Manee


Khao manee cats are agile and muscular, with a pure white coat that is short, soft and close to the body. The ears are medium to large in size and the nose is slightly curved.


Breed Origin:
Life Span:
10 - 12+ years
Average Weight:
8 - 10 lbs
Hair quantity:
General health:

Origin and History

The Khao Manee, also known as the “White Gem,” is a rare breed of cat originating from Thailand. This breed has a long history in its native country, with its existence documented for centuries. The Khao Manee was one of the cat breeds described in the “Tamra Maew” (The Cat Book Poems) thought to have been written between the 14th and 18th centuries. Historically, the breed was highly prized by Thai royalty for its striking appearance, particularly its pure white coat and jewel-like eyes, which can be blue, gold, or odd-eyed (one blue eye and one gold or green eye).

Despite its ancient heritage, the Khao Manee has only recently gained recognition outside of Thailand. The breed was introduced to Western cat enthusiasts in the late 1990s and has been gradually gaining popularity, though it remains relatively rare outside of its homeland.


The Khao Manee is distinguished by its pure white coat, which is short, smooth, and close-lying, showcasing its sleek and muscular body. The breed’s most captivating feature is its eyes, which can be bright blue, green, or gold, with odd-eyed being particularly cherished.

This breed has a medium-sized, well-proportioned body, with a muscular build that does not appear bulky. The head is heart-shaped, with a moderate muzzle, and the ears are medium-sized, set high on the head. The overall appearance of the Khao Manee is one of elegance and athleticism, accentuated by its strikingly white coat.

Personality and Temperament

Khao Manees are known for their outgoing, friendly, and affectionate nature. They are highly social cats that enjoy being involved in all family activities and tend to form strong bonds with their human companions. They are intelligent and curious, often displaying a playful and adventurous spirit throughout their lives.

This breed is vocal and communicative, using a range of sounds to express their feelings and desires. They appreciate companionship, whether it’s from their human family or other pets, and do not like being left alone for long periods.


The Khao Manee is generally considered to be a healthy and robust breed, with no specific genetic health issues linked to it. However, as with all white cats, there is a higher incidence of deafness, especially in those with two blue eyes. Regular health check-ups, a balanced diet, and preventive care are important to maintain their overall health.

Care for the Khao Manee includes regular grooming to keep their white coat clean and shiny, though their short hair makes grooming relatively easy. Regular dental care, vaccinations, and parasite control are also important aspects of maintaining their health.

In summary, the Khao Manee is a rare and beautiful cat breed known for its striking white coat and vivid eye color. Their affectionate personality and sociable nature make them excellent companions for families and individuals alike. Despite their rarity, those who have the privilege of living with a Khao Manee find them to be a truly precious gem in the feline world.

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