American Wirehair


Energetic, fast, intelligent and affectionate, the American wirehair or ‘American with wire hair’ is a very peculiar feline little known outside its native USA. Its main hallmark is precisely its fine, rough and curly fur.


Breed Origin:
Life Span:
10 - 16+ years
Average Weight:
11 - 13 lbs
Hair quantity:
General health:

Origin of the American Wirehair cat

American wirehairs emerged relatively recently, as it was in the 1960s. Back in 1966, when in an American family living in New York, their cat had a very special litter, since one of their kittens had a different coat. to the rest. This hair was curly and very very rough.

This first rough-haired or wire-haired cat was sold to a breeder who decided to develop the breed, since she had won his heart that kitten with her peculiarities.

Characteristics of the American Wirehair cat

American wirehairs are medium-sized cats, weighing between 6 and 8 kilograms for males and 4.3 to 5.5 for females. They are very long-lived cats, as they can live for more than 20 years, with 20 being the average life expectancy of American wirehair cats.

The body of these cats has highly developed musculature, with strong and resistant limbs. Its tail, like its legs, is of medium length. The head has a round shape, ending in a short snout with a somewhat prominent chin. The eyes are quite large, separated from each other, also round and very luminous, the colors are varied depending on the fur of the animal. The ears are medium in size, finished in round tips and with a narrow base.

As for the hair of the American wirehair, we have to say that this is very special, as it tends to attract attention for its roughness. It is made of wire and curled throughout the body, varying the intensity of the curl according to the area. Also his whiskers are of a hard hair and something very peculiar is that, like the rest of his coat, they are curly.

American Wirehair cat colors

The hair colors of the American wirehair cat are very varied, there are no restrictions on the matter in terms of tones and patterns. In this way, all colors and patterns are accepted in this breed of cat.

American Wirehair cat character

American wirehair kittens are known to be extremely affectionate cats. So much so, that sometimes their pleas for pampering and attention can become pure impositions, being quite imperative when they seek the affection of their humans.

Despite being so attentive and affectionate with those it meets, the American Wirehair is quite reserved, very reluctant to be caressed or touched by strangers, as it takes time to gain confidence with strangers. If you have just adopted an American wirehair and this happens to you, do not hesitate to consult the following article: “How to earn the trust of a cat”.

These kittens are extremely alert and intelligent, they love games, especially those that enhance the development of their intellect and abilities. Therefore, we can prepare hunting or search games for our wirehair, as well as different feline puzzles, since he will enjoy them very much, especially if we also participate in the game.

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