American Shorthair


The American shorthair cat or American shorthair cat is docile and affectionate. Thanks to its physical characteristics and good character, this robust pet has earned a place in homes around the world.


Breed Origin:
Life Span:
15 - 20+ years
Average Weight:
6 - 8 lbs
Hair quantity:
General health:


The American shorthair is a feline breed that originated in the United States, also known as the American shorthair cat. The pedigree of this cat dates back to a reddish male named “Belle” who was shipped from England to the United States under the name “shorthair” or “shorthair” in the 19th century.

These cats have great hunting skills, thus becoming very frequent in the country’s farms, and helping their extension over time.

In 1904 the first recognized litter of the American shorthair was registered, which was born the cross between American and British shorthair cats, and it was in 1966 that it was given the official name with which it is recognized today.


The American shorthair cat is active, athletic, and healthy. It is of medium size, strong and muscular, yet it has a lithe complexion: the broad thorax is supported by medium-length legs and round legs. The tail is also medium in size and has a wide base. The American shorthair cat is striking with its bright, often yellow, attentive and slightly slanted eyes. These sit on a large, angular muzzle that perfectly matches its concave profile with a slight stop. Their ears are medium-sized and upright, the distance between them is small.

The coat of this breed is short and the size and texture are similar to that of the common European cat. The colors allowed for breeding depend on each association. Most breeding clubs accept all colors.

American shorthair cat character

Like its appearance, the character of the American shorthair is straightforward. The mustachioed have preserved the characteristics of their ancestors, who, together with human settlers, conquered the American continent. They are good mouse catchers and, in turn, not very aggressive, relaxed and close to people. American shorthair cats like to play with their humans, but they also enjoy long pampering sessions. Thanks to their simplicity and their not very dominant nature, they are ideal for families. They are tolerant companions so they live well with other animals, such as dogs. American shorthairs are quick to adapt, so they can be kept as indoor or outdoor cats.

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